The Club House

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The splendid Club House recalls the old mansions of the Venetian countryside which encloses it. The full blend with the surrounding nature achieved through a design fit to the grounds and the large windows overlooking the golf course make the Club House a lovely and relaxing place where to spend time during breaks. Designer Maria Grazia Giordani, who has made both the exterior and the interior design, has been able to set up a warm and refined spot, creating a perfect link between custom-made furniture, large trompe l'oeil she has designed herself and antique, carefully-chosen furniture. Special care has been given in the use of ancient materials such as bricks, hollow tile roofs, wooden beams and earthenware based on the old, rural traditions. Cleverly embedded into the golf course, the building stands out with its two lovely towers recalling the dovecot towers, which provide a view of the game in the golf course below. A big, nineteen-century convent wardrobe separates the bar from the restaurant, while antique painted chests, terracotta pots, wrought iron tables and rustic writing desks give the place a touch of refined elegance. The reception as well as the bar have been custom-made by skillful craftsmen, who used cherry wood with refined boiserie enveloping the walls. A large hall with green bridge tables, reception areas with comfortable sofas upholstered with English textiles create a warm and cosy atmosphere. The basement is equipped with changing rooms for the club members and guests, large rooms for bags, trolleys and golf carts. Other facilities for members include a large, well-equipped gym with physical exercise equipment, a massage room for fitness and health treatment, all of them carried out by professionally trained staff. Our highly qualified reception staff will welcome you to visit the club and guide you into the fascinating golf world.

GOLF CLUB VICENZA SRL / SSD - Via Carpaneda, 5B Creazzo (VI)
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